Mental Health Services 

Central Iowa Psychological Services (CIPS) offers mental health services and counseling for children age 2 and up, adults, couples, and families. The CIPS team offers evidence-based programs designed to meet the unique needs of our clients at the Story Medical Clinic in Nevada. 

Medication Management

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Medication management serves an important role in mental healthcare. It can help those in crisis or manage long term conditions. While some clients can benefit from therapy alone, many need a combination of medication and therapy interventions. Taking medication to help with mental health issues is a common practice. In fact, one in six Americans takes medication as part of their mental health plan.

We partner with Central Iowa Psychological Services to support all aspects of client care, including prescribing and managing psychiatric and related symptom medications. Using best practices, current research, and drawing on the insights of leaders in the field, our providers develop individual treatment plans for our clients, and often prescribed in conjunction with therapy for best outcomes.