Medically Oriented Gym (MOG) 

Your Prescription to Better Health Begins with Exercise

The Medically Oriented Gym (MOG) is coordinated by an interdisciplinary team that includes medical providers, licensed therapists, and exercise specialists. The goal of the MOG is to provide individuals who need or want to improve and/or maintain an optimal level of health through activity, exercise, education and medical monitoring.

Each member is personally assessed to identify specific health and wellness needs. This allows MOG staff to create safe and comprehensive life-improving programs to help members move better, feel better and live better. 

What MOG Offers

Members of the MOG regularly meet with specially-trained staff to ensure progress toward goals. Our staff provides: 

  • Initial evaluation and quarterly re-evaluations.
  • Individualized treatment based upon comprehensive evaluation.
  • Blood pressure assessments and tracking.
  • Symptom management (shortness of breath, angina, etc).
  • Cardiac monitoring and weight gain tracking.
  • Direct communication with physicians.
  • Clinical protocols guiding safety with exercise.
  • Onsite medically-trained staff to check vitals, answer questions and facilitate care.

The MOG Vision

Our primary goal is to decrease dependency on medicine, adopt exercise as a lifestyle, and reduce the impacts of chronic disease. Throughout, our team will work with you to ensure you are making progress toward individual goals.

The MOG Team

Story Medical and 21st Century Rehab have partnered to bring this advanced level of care to the community. MOG staff members—which include physical therapists and exercise specialists—provide safe, specific, and supervised exercise programs. We regularly serve clients with diabetes, high blood pressure, knee pain, and those simply wanting to shed a few pounds. Each of our clients has access to our staff to measure, document, and manage individual needs.

Learn More

Wondering if the MOG is right for you? To learn more or inquire about membership rates, visit with your primary care provider, or give us a call at (515) 382-7114.