Pain Management Services

Story Medical offers pain management services provided by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs). Patients in need of pain management, who have a referral from their primary care provider, can find relief from their pain through the use of an array of interventions, ranging from medication management and injections to physical therapy.

Holistic Approach to Pain Management

Chronic pain conditions often develop over many years and are difficult to manage. The goal of Heartland Pain Management at Story Medical is to help patients maintain their function by minimizing or eliminating pain. We offer a holistic approach to acute and chronic pain management, which may include but not be limited to: 

  • Personalized patient consultation
  • Patient education with focus on prevention of reinjury 
  • Nonpharmacological treatments
  • Pharmacological treatments 
  • Injections, if deemed appropriate 

Common Procedures

Our staff is comfortable with a variety of image-guided procedures using fluoroscopy and ultrasound.  This is a list of our most common procedures performed.  We also do special procedures upon request.  

Epidurals both interlaminar, transforaminal and caudal

  • Interlaminar- cervical, thoracic, lumbar
  • Transforaminal- lumbar and sacral
  • Caudal and caudal with catheter insertion

Facet medial branch nerve blocks 

  • cervical
  • thoracic
  • lumbar
  • sacral lateral branches (sacroiliac joint)

Diagnostic and therapeutic lumbar punctures

Joint/fascial/ peripheral nerve injections

  • shoulder- acromioclavicular, glenohumeral, and subacromial bursa
  • hip- anterior and lateral approach intraarticular
  • knee- intraarticular and genicular nerve blocks 
  • sacroiliac joint and piriformis muscle
  • intercostal and erector spinae blocks
  • ilioinguinal and ilio-hypogastric nerve blocks

Radiofrequency ablation of the following nerves:

  • cervical, thoracic, lumbar medial branch and primary dorsal rami
  • genicular nerves of the knee
  • sacral lateral branches of the SI joint
  • suprascapular nerve, axillary nerve and lateral pectoral nerve

Sympathetic blocks 

  • lumbar, ganglion of impar, inferior hypogastric
  • stellate ganglion (for Long Covid-19), sphenopalatine ganglion blocks

Myofascial trigger point and fascial plane injections

Botox injections for chronic migraine, adult spasticity and cervical dystonia