Foundation History

The Story County Medical Center Endowment Foundation was originally formed in March 1977 as the Story County Hospital Foundation. The organization's main purpose was to assist in the recruitment of physicians for the hospital as many had retired or were nearing retirement.

In 1982, the bylaws were changed to make the organization an Endowment Foundation and the emphasis began to shift towards fundraising for the hospital. The hospital board of trustees began hiring physicians as employees instead of having them set up private practices.

The Foundation kicked their fundraising efforts into high gear during the '90's. In 1991, a $65,000 fundraising drive was held to assist the hospital in purchasing a new ambulance.

In July 1993, the Foundation had the opportunity to purchase the old Johnson Medical Clinic which was owned by Dr. Jerry King. The King Medical Center was purchased for $150,000 and an additional $50,000 was needed to remodel and upgrade the space. The first doctors to rent the medical clinic were Dr. Mark Jones and Dr. Alison Carleton.

Another successful fundraising activity was completed in 1995 which raised approximately $300,000. The funds were used to landscape and develop the courtyard, remodeling the entryway to the hospital, the business offices, and the gift shop. In 1998, the Foundation provided the funds to pave the south parking lot. An appreciation event was held on May 12, 1998. 

By September 2006, an employee-only fundraising drive raised over $110,000 for the capital campaign. In October 2006, the Foundation secured a matching grant from the Josephine Tope Charitable Trust in the amount of $600,000. On December 3, 2006, a public kick-off event was held in which the steering committee announced that $539,626 had been pledged through private citizen donations, employee donations, the Medical Center Board of Trustees, and Foundation members. The campaign closed in March 2009 with over $1.4 million in pledges. The South Campus of Story County Medical Center opened in August of 2009.

Additional phases of the Capital Campaign supported the expansion of the South Campus. A pledge of $2 million made it possible to complete the addition, which includes greatly expanded space for Story Medical Clinic - Nevada, cardiac rehabilitation, wellness services, 21st Century Rehab, and meeting room space.