Visiting a Senior Care Resident 

Visitor and Outings Information

At Story Medical, we understand the importance of guests visiting, and that the support they offer is an integral part of our resident's lives. Guests to Story Medical Senior Care are encouraged to visit at any time, as long as the resident is available.

Outings are allowed at any time. All residents must be signed out and in for each outing so the staff is aware of his/her absence. Sign out sheets can be found at the nurses' station on each floor.

Advance notice is required for extended leaves to provide the pharmacy adequate time to package medications. Medicaid (Title XIX) residents may be gone from the facility no more than eighteen nights per year.

Bringing a Resident Gifts

Visitors are encouraged to bring cards, balloons, gifts or flowers to residents, however, please note that any Latex balloons or other latex gifts will not be allowed into the hospital due to latex allergies.

Visitors are welcome to bring in food and snacks for the resident they are visiting. Refrigerators are available at the nursing stations for perishables. All food must be labeled with the resident's name and the date. In accordance with State requirements, food will be kept for three days and, if it is not consumed, will be disposed of. Small quantities of nonperishable food may be kept in the resident's room. Please use airtight containers.


Parking is free to all patients and visitors. There is a circle drive on the south side of Senior Care available for drop off/pick up of any patient or visitor who needs easy access to the main entrance.

Meals and Snacks While Visiting a Resident

Family members and guests are welcome to eat with their residents in the senior care dining areas. Guest meals may be purchased from the Business Office prior to the mealtime. Meals must be ordered and purchased through the Business Office staff a minimum of one hour before the meal is due to be served. Weekend guest meals must be ordered and purchased by Friday at 12 p.m.

Families may join their loved ones for special holiday meals at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter on the Senior Care unit. Meals should be ordered and purchased several days before the holiday through the Business Office; sign up sheets and information are posted in advance. The holiday guest meals may be delivered to the Senior Care dining rooms or guests may choose to eat in the cafeteria with their resident.

Potluck and family gatherings may be arranged by contacting the Director of Nursing (382-7015) or Senior Care Director (382-7016) in advance of the event.

Family members and guests may also want to visit the cafeteria with the Senior Care resident they are visiting. If this is the case, please feel free to arrange the "luncheon" with one of the nurses on the resident's floor.

Story Medical's Food and Nutrition Services provides food and beverages for family members and guests. The Senior Care cafeteria is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You will find a selection of hot entrees, sides, soup of the day, vegetables, fruits, salads, desserts, a variety of milks, and a salad bar. Menu items are individually priced. Payment is made after making menu item selections.

Soda and vending machines are available. You will find an assortment of bottled water, juices, along with Pepsi and Coca Cola products in the cafeteria. The vending machines are located near the gift shop and will take change or single dollar bills.