Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Your healthcare at Story County Medical Center is a cooperative effort between you, your physician and the hospital staff. 

You Have the Right to:

  1. Be fully informed of the types and intensity of services that Story County Medical Center offers.

  2. Considerate, respectful and individualized care, without fear of discrimination, and to be treated with honesty and dignity.

  3. Confidential handling of your personal and medical information.

  4. Personal privacy during communication, examinations and treatment rendered by our hospital staff.

  5. Expect that Story County Medical Center will give you appropriate and necessary care in a safe environment.

  6. Be informed of your medical condition and receive necessary information from your physician and our hospital staff in order to give consent before any treatment or procedure is done.

  7. Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the consequences resulting from the decision.

  8. Participate in the plan of care development for you, to include additional support persons as a part of that plan of care.

  9. Consult with a specialist and/or be transferred to another medical facility at your own request and expense.

  10. Know the names, titles, and qualifications of the members of our healthcare team, and to expect them to provide service with competence, coordination and continuity of care.

  11. Exercise all constitutional and legal rights including: visitation (as long as there is no interference with your care), sending and receiving unopened mail and private communications and share a room with a spouse (if they so desire and a room is available).

  12. Appropriate instruction and education from our staff in order to achieve an optimal level of wellness, including assistance in interpreting, seeing or hearing words and instructions that you do not understand because you speak a different language or are physically impaired.

  13. Receive information from our staff related to continuing healthcare requirements after discharge, including availability of health care providers and agencies.

  14. Receive information and materials informing you about advance directives.

  15. Be free of chemical, physical, and mental restraints or abuse.  Restraints will only be used under written physician’s orders for a specific limited period of time, except in the case of an emergency as determined by qualified nursing personnel.

  16. Examine and receive an explanation of your bill regardless of your source of payment.

  17. Voice a complaint or concern regarding your care and treatment.  If you have a grievance, you may obtain a complaint form from the staff or contact 515-382-7726 (Patient Experience Specialist). 

As a Patient, Your Responsibilities Include:

  1. Providing accurate and complete health and illness information.

  2. Reporting significant changes in your condition to the healthcare providers.

  3. Indicating your level of understanding of your plan of care and treatment.

  4. Informing your doctor or nurse if you do not believe you can follow through with your treatment.

  5. Sharing information about your insurance about your ability to pay for care.

  6. Taking personal responsibility for any treatment you refuse to receive.

  7. Being considerate of other patients and hospital personnel, and to respect the privacy and property of other patients and the hospital.

  8. Adhering to appropriate rules and regulations of Story County Medical Center, including smoking restrictions.

The above information contains the general rights and responsibilities of the patient and should not be considered to be all inclusive. For a complete list of Patient Rights and Responsibilities, click here.

A Note About Privacy

We are required by federal law to maintain the privacy of your medical information and give you our Notice of Privacy Practice that describes our privacy practices, our legal duties and your rights concerning your medical information. This Notice is available in a separate brochure and will be offered to you at the time you are admitted or prior to receiving outpatient care.

If you have questions about your patient rights and responsibilities or need additional information, please call our Privacy Officer at 515-382-7717.  For a complete summary of our Privacy Practices, click here.