Story Medical Senior Care Offers Up Peace of Mind

For years, Kim Jackson worried about her mother’s well-being from hundreds of miles away. Living in Denver, Colorado, Kim knew that her mother, Jean, was struggling to care for herself while gripped by advancing dementia. On a trip to visit her mother last spring, Kim knew it was time to find her mother an assisted living center that could provide the kind of care she needed and deserved.

After hearing of the compassionate care provided at Story Medical Senior Care from relatives with a family member there, it was quickly decided it was the right place for Jean.

“Because I live so far away, I don’t get to see her much,” Kim says. “But I can tell you that from the time she moved in to Story Medical Senior Care, until the next time I saw her, the change was night and day.”

“I arrived unannounced and didn’t know what to expect,” Kim continues. “I found her sitting in a chair, smiling and having a snack. It was incredible. She looked happier, her color had returned, she had gained weight, and her skin looked so healthy.”

Kim says that in addition to the excellent health care the team at Senior Care has provided, they have also been focused on Jean’s emotional well-being.

“Mom loves to be around people,” Kim says. “The staff are always happy to have her tag along with them. She is a walker and this allows her to be up and getting around on a regular basis. It is wonderful.”

Kim says knowing that her mom is being cared for in body, mind and spirit is comforting, especially with her being so far away.

“Mom was not thriving in the years before she moved to Senior Care, and that was a constant source of worry for me,” Kim says. “But now, even from hundreds of miles away, I am confident that her needs are being met and that no matter what issues she may have, someone is there for her.”