Story Medical Clinic Offers FAA-Mandated Private Pilot Physicals

If you are a pilot, you must have an FAA certified medical exam before you can take flight. Story Medical Clinic in Nevada offers these mandated physicals for both commercial and private pilots.

Story Medical Clinic provider Dr. Audra Poterucha is designated as an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. The daughter of a commercial and military pilot, she has a special interest in serving the aviation community. Dr. Poterucha provides Class I, II and III Flight Physicals at competitive prices and is currently scheduling pilots for exams. 

Pilots, please bring the following to your exam:

  • MedXPress confirmation number
  • Government Issued ID
  • Current medication list
  • Supporting documents related to chronic medical conditions
  • Documentation from FAA regarding any special 
  • Issuances or clearance