Partnership Bolsters DAISY Award

An established leader in online nursing education, the Purdue Global School of Nursing believes in supporting the recognition of admirable individuals in the nursing industry. That’s why the school partners with The DAISY Foundation™ to co-sponsor select hospitals that participate in the DAISY Award® program, celebrating the extraordinary compassion nurses provide their patients and families every day. Purdue Global’s newest participant in this initiative is Story Medical.

“We are proud of this co-sponsorship with The DAISY Foundation and hospital organizations across the U.S. to recognize nurses for their compassionate care and commitment to patient safety and advocacy,” said Melissa Burdi, Purdue Global vice president and dean of the School of Nursing. “It’s a program we believe in wholeheartedly.”

The Purdue Global School of Nursing financially underwrites a hospital’s participation in the DAISY Award program for at least three years by covering the following expenses:

  • Award cost.
  • Administrative costs of joining the DAISY Award network.
  • Program orientation, training, marketing materials and more from The DAISY Foundation.

In addition, DAISY Award honorees receive 25% off tuition for any Purdue Global School of Nursing program.

“The DAISY Award enhances self-confidence in nursing skills and compassion for our patients. For our Story County Medical Center DAISY Award winners, we celebrate job excellence and exceptional health care service,” said MJ Hunt, chief nursing officer. “Not only do we celebrate the winners, but also the nominees for their dedication. Purdue Global is committed to advancing extraordinary nurses, and their motivation to see nurses succeed makes them a great partner in honoring our winners and nominees.” 

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation was created in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes to express gratitude to nurses for the care and compassion they experienced during his illness and at the end of his life. DAISY is an evidence-based form of recognition that can positively impact many aspects of a healthy work environment, including job satisfaction, retention, well-being, resilience, the patient/family experience and community loyalty. Over 5,300 health care organizations and schools of nursing participate worldwide, and more than 167,000 nurses have been honored.