From Provider to Patient - The Service Is the Same

Mary F. O'Connor, ARNP, Story Medical Clinic - Zearing

I recently marked my thirteenth year as a member of the Story County Medical Center family. For most of those thirteen years, I have referred patients to both Dr. Margaret Ferhle, orthopedist, and Steve Cassabaum, physical therapist. I knew that all my patients adored them and spoke glowingly of their skills and caring. I also knew that I could call either one at any time, and they would help our mutual patient in any way they could. I had come to really trust and admire both of these professionals. I also got to know their support staff: the receptionists and nurses and assistants who made their ships run so smoothly, and I always knew my patients were in good hands.

Over the last several months, it became increasingly clear to me that my left knee was not going to cooperate with my activities of daily living. The hows and whys are not important, but I found myself in the role of a patient. I was nervous and scared, but Dr. Ferhle was calm and professional and funny, and we worked out the best way to repair the damage in my knee. Although I did not relish the idea of being on the other end of things, everyone at Outpatient was so kind and professional, I actually enjoyed myself the day of surgery. People I have talked to a million times on the phone coordinating care were just as warm and kind and funny in person. I had the best care from Marcia, Cathy and Sandy. Even Gale Herrera stopped in to ask why I was not at the Medical Staff meeting! Dr. Fehrle not only performed a flawless surgery, she helped me figure out the best way to manage my knee pain while I had to travel to the funeral of a family member.

Physical therapy has been a challenge, at best, but Steve and his staff have challenged me, encouraged me and cheered me on. I am happy to say I can walk without a limp most of the time, and feel I am well on my way to complete recovery.

So, in short, I always knew we had an exceptional staff. But to experience it personally has been so enlightening. Our little corner of the world is so blessed to have two consummate professionals like Steve and Dr. Ferhle. And the support staff who help them perform at their very best are nothing short of extraordinary.

That is my Story, and I just had to add the footnote of my warmest thanks for everything!