Chief Nursing Officer Sees Employees In Action

Gale Herrera, Chief Nursing Officer, Story County Medical Center

My heart has been touched tonight and I am so very proud. As I was delivering brochures to various departments, I was notified that we had a patient in the Emergency Department(ED) that was being flown to Mercy due to an evolving MI (heart attack). Upon my arrival to the ED, I immediately witnessed the team in action. Our team consisted of Ann, Julie, Dr. Palar, our ED physician (who arrived in the middle of it), our MICU staff-Matt and Laura, our new Unit Secretary, Cody, Jennifer from Radiology, Chelsea from the Lab and of course, Linda McHose. Julie Runge was assigned to watch the door as the helicopter landed. Doris was checking in from the Acute Unit to see if they needed more help.

Our patient was very unstable and became even more so as the helicopter touched down. The family of the patient was re-living a previous experience that occurred at our North Campus twelve years ago, which was airlifting this patient’s spouse.

When the flight crew entered wearing their jumpsuits and looking like a bunch of astronauts headed to the launch pad, my heart was warmed even more when I saw that one of them was our former paramedic, Brad. He gave me a quick smile and nod of the head. There was no time for conversation.

Everyone got to work together, got the patient on board, the family off to the correct location, and Mercy One was off! The team, all of them, critiqued the quality of their actions/equipment, talking of what would make it better, faster, smoother next time.

Folks, it doesn’t get any better…anywhere…than this! I would put our team up against anyone’s!!!!

Epilogue: Our patient had a stent placed and was sitting up for lunch, visiting with family the day after this occurence. The patient and family are exceedingly pleased with our care.