New Hip, New Hope

Denise Alexander of Melbourne is no stranger to health care facilities. Not only has she worked in a variety of them — for an oral surgeon and osteopathic specialist — she has spent her fair share of time recovering from a variety of ailments.

From a flesh-eating infection more than two decades ago to a couple of surgeries on her hip over the last 18 months, Alexander has become familiar with what stands out when it comes to quality of care. And she is quick to tell anyone who will listen that she’s never received better care than at Story Medical.

"When I knew I was going to have to rehab after my hip replacement [in August of 2013] I chose Story Medical," she says. Alexander has spent a total of about six weeks on Story Medical’s Skilled Care Unit after her two hip procedures.

"Even though there were other options closer to my home, I wanted to go to Story Medical because I was confident I would get better faster," she says.

Alexander says she was led through an "active recovery" that included physical and occupational therapy at regular intervals each and every day. Throughout the two stays, she says she got to know her caregivers well and that helped her to keep on pushing to achieve some aggressive goals in her recovery. The care went far beyond just meeting her physical needs.

"Yes, they made me better physically," Alexander says. "But the thing that really stands out to me is that they addressed my emotional needs. I wasn’t just another patient they needed to go through the motions with. They got to know me and they helped give me new hope that I would recover, be stronger, and get back to living my life."

For Alexander, that compassionate care wasn’t delivered just by those who helped her through the various therapies or managed her medications. She says she was impressed by all she came in contact with.

"All of them," she says. "They all played a role, from the cooks to those who cleaned my room. I can’t wait to get back in there when I have my other hip replaced this spring."