Nessa Eyes a Return to the Garden After Surgery

Blanche Nessa is a woman with a plan. Hampered by painful joints that severely limited her activity, Blanche decided she would sacrifice her winter with an eye toward spring.

The 85-year-old, who lives on a farm north of McCallsburg, had both a hip and knee replaced in a span of four months during 2011. She says the decision to have the two surgeries was a simple one.

“I wanted to be done with the pain by spring,” she says. “I wanted to get all my rehab done during the winter so I would be ready to get back in the garden in spring.”

Blanche was also quick to decide on Story Medical for her skilled care and rehab post-surgery. Her rehab was provided at the Story Medical south campus after both surgeries.

“The therapists are all so friendly and they really know what they are doing,” Blanche says. “They pay attention to each and every individual patient. The surroundings here at the new building are very nice as well.”

Blanche followed a similar regimen after each surgery, including getting up to walk, moving her new joints on a recumbent bike, and working with weights and resistance bands. While the therapists at Story Medical were helping Blanche to recover physically, they also provided a support system to help her through a difficult time emotionally.

“The worst pain for me in 2011 was losing my husband of 65 years, Milford,” Blanche says. “This pain, of course, requires a different kind of therapy, prayer therapy. I’ve been fortunate to get help from family, many good friends, my care givers at Story Medical, and especially Pastor Kathy.”

Now back at home, her attention is turned toward the coming months.

“I’m looking forward to doing those things I used to do without the pain,” Blanche says. “I’m looking forward to getting up the steps to church, going shopping … those kinds of things you can take for granted. I also have a new great grandson I want to pay some attention to.

“My therapists,” she continues, “helped to give me my life back.”