Training to Run - Street to Starting Line!

Training to Run is a course designed to evaluate and help correct individual running mechanics through instruction, demonstration, and drills. This course is a perfect way to improve your running technique and prevent injury


  • Gain a better understanding of proper running form to improve your running economy
  • Evaluation and alteration of running mechanics to provide for greater speed using equal energy expenditure
  • Instruction in proper drills to help correct running mechanics and reduce the risk of breakdown and injury.


Once a week for 3 weeks, 60 to 90 minutes sessions are $150 per person or $100 per person for a group of four or more.

Get some friends together and learn to go from the street to the starting line!

This program is brought to you by 21st Century Rehab in conjunction with Story County Medical Center. Please call 1-877-21REHAB, or 515-382-7008 for more information.

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