Essential Radiology Equipment Donated by Story Medical Foundation

Story County Medical Center Endowment Foundation is proud to announce the donation of a new piece of radiology equipment to Story County Medical Center. The mobile C-Arm donation is an imaging scanner intensifier, so named because of its “C” configuration.

C-arms have radiographic capabilities, though they are used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical, orthopedic, critical care, and emergency care procedures. The use of C-arms over the years has helped lead to the increase of more cost-effective outpatient care.

“The physicians and radiology technologists using the mobile C-Arm in the outpatient clinic and operating room can easily move it into place, set it up quickly and get exceptional images instantly,” said MaryJane Applegate, Outpatient Clinic & Surgical Services Director at Story Medical.

The C-Arm gives physicians the clarity, space and convenience to carry out surgical procedures without leaving the patient’s side. The donated OEC 9900 Elite features a super C-Arm and a 9” imaging intensifier.

“The quality equipment at Story Medical allows me to have high-quality 3D images at my fingertips,” said Story Medical pain specialist, Dr. Dana Simon. “Better images mean better patient care.”

“C-Arms are one of the reasons minimally invasive surgeries can even happen,” said Cindy White, Director of Radiology at Story Medical. “They offer superb image quality as a digital mobile imaging system.”

For more information on the Story Medical Foundation or donation opportunities, please call Melissa Miller at 382-7711.

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