Board Will Not Increase Tax Asking

In March of 2006, the Story County Medical Center Board of Trustees assured the public that the tax levy rate would not increase with the building of a replacement facility on the southwest side of Nevada.

Five years later, on Monday, February 28th the elected Board of Trustees once again voted to keep the tax levy the same as it had been the past five year. By a unanimous vote, the Board members chose to keep the tax levy rate at $.42/$1000, of which $.32/$1000 is used toward funding the paramedic-level ambulance service.

“The Board of Trustees is very cognizant about the use of tax payer money and has done everything possible to reduce reliance on county funding,” said Dave Anderson, Chairman of the Board. “We are proud of the financial stability of the medical center and look forward to a solid financial future.”

For 60 years, Story County Medical Center, Story Medical Clinics and Story Medical Senior Care have been the trusted providers of high-quality, local healthcare services for the residents of Story County. Their modern South Campus creates a healing environment that matches the personalized care and clinical expertise of its medical staff. Visit www.StoryMedical.orgfor more information.

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