Pratt and Whitaker Take On New Director Roles

Story County Medical Center is excited to announce that Lisa Pratt, RN, BSN, has been promoted to Acute & Skilled Care Services Director at Story Medical. Pratt had been assisting the director of the department for several years as the inpatient services and projects coordinator for the unit. She is extremely qualified for the position, previously managing Story Medical’s outpatient clinic & surgical service department.   

Lisa Whitaker, RN, most recently was director over both acute/skilled care and the emergency services department. In her newly modified role as Emergency Services Director, she will oversee the emergency services department, which includes the hospital emergency department, 24-hour paramedic-level ambulance service and Story Medical’s disaster planning.

 “The need to separate one director role into two became apparent this year,” said Gale Herrera, Story Medical’s Chief Nursing Officer. “We were fortunate to have very capable and competent nurses for the position change right here within our own organization.”

“Both the acute/skilled care unit and emergency services department have seen growth in patient visits and admissions over the past year and a half,” said Todd Willert, Administrator at Story Medical. “Since 9/11, Homeland Security responsibilities have also been steadily increasing and disaster response management has become much more time consuming for hospitals.”

Pratt and Whitaker are both Nevada residents and dedicated Story County Medical Center employees. Pratt celebrated 10 years of service this year with Story Medical, and Whitaker has been an employee for 31 years!

For over 50 years, Story County Medical Center, Story Medical Clinics and Story Medical Senior Care have been the trusted providers of high-quality, local healthcare services for the people of Story County. Their new, modern South Campus creates a healing environment that matches the personalized care and clinical expertise of its medical staff. Visit www.StoryMedical.orgfor more information.


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