2011 Baby Born in a Dodge on the Way to Story Med.

The story of baby boy Nico Dodge Fredregill’s birth will be one that’s told many times.

Not only will Nico celebrate that he was the first baby born in Story County in 2011, but he will also be told the tale of his quick birth, in a Dodge pickup on Highway 30 headed toward Story County Medical Center.

Born around 12:45pm, Nico and his parents, Heather Bell and Jeff Fredregill, of Collins, Iowa, arrived in front of Story County Medical Center’s Emergency Room at 12:49pm after Heather delivered the baby on the highway in route to the nearest hospital.

Heather says she knew that Story County Medical Center was closer than Mary Greeley and that Story Medical would be able to help them in the emergency delivery, which had progressed in an incredibly short timeframe.

Although Story Medical does not have a maternity unit, paramedics and the emergency room staff assisted with the immediate post-delivery. All emergency room nurses and paramedics at Story Medical have education and training on emergency births and were prepared for the newborn’s early arrival.

Nico Dodge, named after his birthplace, weighed 5 lbs, 1 ounce and was 18 inches long.

The mother and baby were stabilized and then transported to Mary Greeley Medical Center where she had originally planned to give birth.

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