Auxiliary Celebrates 30 Years of Service

This year, Story County Medical Center Auxiliary celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The commemoration was held during their annual meeting at Story County Medical Center’s South Campus in Nevada on June 10. Many of the members attending the meeting noted that they have been members of the Auxiliary since its inception in 1980.

“My mother was the Auxiliary president for many years, and then I took on the role,” said Gretchen Kruse, who assumed the past-president role this year. “The Auxiliary has been an important part of my life for years. It’s how I give back to my community.”

During its annual meeting, new officers were elected to the Auxiliary board. The membership voted in Jan Krausman of Nevada as president, Thelma Haley of Nevada vice-president, Fern Sampson of Nevada secretary and Dorothy Thompson of Nevada treasurer. Dorothy Pointer of Nevada, one of the original Auxiliary members, remains on the board as historian. Also joining the Auxiliary board are Sheryl Davis of Ames and Phyllis Burnett and Patty Valline, all of Nevada.

“The Auxiliary manages both the North and South Campus gift shops and does many other fundraisers throughout the year,” says Todd Willert, Administrator of Story Medical. “In addition, they are our core group of volunteers. We appreciate everything they do for Story Medical, and they do a lot!”

For more information on the Story Medical Auxiliary or volunteer opportunities, visit our Auxiliary page or call Melissa Miller at 515-382-7711.

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