About Your Health Coach

Essential Functions:

  • Oversees the disease registry database
  • Conducts pre-visit chart review
  • Works with patients and families on self-management support
  • Coordinates care across the healthcare continuum
  • Involved in quality initivative activities

Coaches Oversee the Registry

  • Makes sure data is entered into the registry
  • Contacts patients overdue for visits or not meeting goals
  • Reviews performance report outcomes

Pre-visit chart Review

  • Reviews the charts of patients before the patient is seen
    —Review for chronic disease standards of care, preventive health care, immunizations
  • Orders labs and referrals before the patient is seen
  • Starts the diabetes office visit form to prepare the provider for the patient's visit

Health Behavior Change

  • Works with patient to set goals for improving health
  • Assesses with patient:
    —Readiness for change
    —Importance of change
    —Confidence of success
  • Helps patient creates a plan for change
    —Identify barriers and plans to overcome them
  • Follow-ups with patient on a regular basis

Mercy Clinic Models the Way

With Mercy Clinic in Des Moines as a model of success and leader in the health coaching field, we have been able to implement a program that will likely become a norm in the future. Read more about Mercy Clinic's health coaching model in these nationally published articles:

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