General Patient Information

Identification bands

When you are admitted, you will receive an identification band to wear around your wrist. This band allows hospital personnel to identify you without disturbing your rest, therefore, we ask that you wear it at all times.

Hospital gowns

We realize that many patients prefer their own sleepwear to hospital gowns, and in many cases you can do so. However, we ask that you wear a hospital gown for all tests, examinations or procedures.

Your room

Your private room is designed with your comforts in mind. Each room has a bathroom, television and telephone. Each room is equipped with a nurse call button, which is located on your bedside table, as well as on the upper rails of your bed. When you push this button, your nurse is called. You can control your television set with a remote control, which should also be at your bedside table. Your bed is electrically operated and can be controlled from the upper rails or bed frame.

Your meals

Meal times and menu selection.

Our Food and Nutrition Department offers a wide variety of menu items with a restaurant style menu for your dining pleasure. A staff member from the Food and Nutrition Services will visit to assist you in making menu selections. Your daily meals will be delivered to your room by nursing personnel. Breakfast is served between 7:15 am and 7:45am, lunch is served between 12pm and 12:30pm, and dinner is served between 5:15 pm and 5:45pm. Upon admission, your nutrition status is reviewed and if applicable our Licensed, Registered Dietitian assesses your nutritional status and provides interventions as appropriate. If you wish to consult the dietitian, you may request a visit by contacting nursing personnel.


Story Medical will take steps necessary to ensure that persons with impaired sensory or speaking skills receive effective notice concerning waivers of rights or consent to treatment. All aids to provide this notice, e.g., sign language interpreters, readers, flashcards, etc. are provided without cost to the person being served.

If you do not speak or understand the English language, every effort will be made to provide an interpreter.

Story Medical has the following auxiliary aids available: TDD, volume control phones, large button phones, closed caption decoders on television, amplified listening devices.

Story Medical also utilizes the Iowa State Relay Service through the following numbers:

TTY: 1-800-735-2942 Voice: 1-800-735-2943 Spanish: 1-800-264-7190

Operating your television

Depending on your location, the television set in your room is controlled with a remote control, which should be at your bedside table. The following stations are available:

  • Channel 2 - KYOU Ottumwa
  • Channel 3 - KTVO (ABC)
  • Channel 4 - Inhouse SJMH
  • Channel 5 - WOI
  • Channel 6 - 17-Fox
  • Channel 7 - WTBS
  • Channel 8 - KCCI (CBS)
  • Channel 9 - CNN
  • Channel 10 - WGN
  • Channel 11 - IPT
  • Channel 12 - FAM
  • Channel 13 - WHO (NBC)

Room telephones

You may make local telephone calls from your room at no charge. To make a long distance call, you must charge the call to your home telephone number, credit card, or call collect.

Local Calls:
Dial 9 + the 7 digit telephone number.

Credit Card, Collect, and Calls Billed to a Third Party Using AT & T: Dial 9 + 0 + Area Code + 7 digit telephone number

Credit Card or Calls Billed to a Third Party Using a Toll Carrier other than AT & T: Dial 9 + 10 + Carrier Code + Area Code + 7 digit telephone number.

Please direct your family & friends to call you room direct (the number is on the communication board in your room.


Medication should not be kept at your bedside, including over-the-counter products. For safety and for your good health, our nurses store medications, prescribed and otherwise, in the locked Wallaroo (Wall Mounted Work and Storage Units) outside of your room. When you are released from the hospital, a nurse will review instructions for any take-home medications with you, and offer consultation with the pharmacist or your doctor, if necessary.

Mail Service

Mail is delivered directly to your room by volunteers.


Story County Medical Center is dedicated to providing a smoke-free environment for all patients, employees, visitors and staff. Smoking on any Story Medical campus is prohibited according to Iowa law.

HIPAA Notification

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Patient Bill of Rights

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Medicare and Medicaid Patients

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